Refund Policy for PersonalSpecial, LLC


By purchasing a paid account you are agreeing to the rules set forth in this document. Last updated 06/10/2021


Personal Special, LLC honors refund request for non-tangible (digital) products under the following exceptional circumstances

  • Digital Product "not as described" - such issues have to be reported within 7 days from the date of the purchase. A detailed, clear evidence must be provided with proof that the purchased and delivered digital product is “not as it is described" on’s website. All objections based purely on the customers’ false anticipations or desires do not meet the requirements for refunds.
  • Major or Critical Defects - Unforeseen defects can surface from time to time. Claims for such errors must be submitted within 7 days from the date of the purchase. Personal Special, LLC reserves the right to correct such errors within 3 business days. If no remedy is supplied then the customer is entitled to receive a *full refund on the purchase the following day.
  • Plan upgrades - We will issue a partial credit based on the number of days you used the old plan, if it was paid. The partial credit will also provide you a partial credit for the SMS credits in total, minus any used credits. For example if you purchased the $10/month plan where you got 500 SMS credits, and you used 10 out of 30 days that would mean you used 30% of your plan. You would get a credit of $7.00, and if you used none of your SMS credits you would retain 150 SMS credits. If you used more than 150 SMS credits, we will reduce the number of SMS credits you would have gotten in excess. Say you used 160 SMS credits, and you got the $20/month plan. We would take 10 SMS credits off of your new plan amount which is 1000 leaving you with 990 SMS credits. We would also prorate the SMS credits to the remainder of billing cycle. In the example if you had 30% used you would pay 70% of the $20, and you would get 70% of the SMS credits remaining. That would equal $7 ($14.00 - $7.00 credit) for your first month, and 693 SMS credits. You also have the option to start your new plan on your next billing cycle.

Any refund of service will also come with a $1.00 fee if you selected a phone number, and any used SMS credits you may have used will be deducted at $0.01 per SMS used this month. The only exception to this is for a plan upgrade. You will get a credit that applies to your new purchase.

Downgrading your plan

You can downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan, however you must fulfill your term until the end of your billing cycle.

If you are downgrading from a paid plan to the free plan you will lose the following:

  • SMS Credits - All of your SMS credits will be removed.
  • Phone Number - Your number will be removed. If you purchase a plan in the future, you may not get the same phone number back.

How to start a refund request

Send an email to [email protected] State the reason why you would like to cancel your paid service. Include information that helps us identify your account and provide as much detail as you can. We want to make things right if we can, if not we're happy to issue a refund and work with you to ensure you're happy and successful using our services.