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Personal Special allows you to automate parties. We want you to be able to set it, and forget it. You can create party automations with Facebook, Email, Text Messages, Raffles, Registration Forms and automatically created Zoom Meetings. We're working on making an automated way to upload a pre-recorded video and send it through Facebook Live. Making your party automation experience even better by fully automating your party experience. All you'll have to do is log into Facebook to review comments and respond to party goers! This isn't done yet but it's too exciting to not announce!

Unlock your customers loyality!

Personal Special is the Premium Loyalty Application designed to help direct sales independent consultants/stylists build lasting relationships with their customers. We do that with customized incentive programs that encourage your customers to remain loyal to you because of the awesome rewards system we put in place for you. We also offer built in services not found anywhere else absolutely free to you! We are more than just a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. We want to be the one tool you don't want to do business without. Just check out our features and see all we have to offer. If we don't offer it put in a contact request and we will work on making that feature.

Can you benefit from this?

If you own a business where you have customers, your offer coupons, or discounts and you want to keep track of leads you get from various sources, this is the perfect software for you. We also work well with any direct selling company, such as Color Street, Avon Cosmetics, Scentsy, Origami Owl, Herbalife, Forever Living, Tupperware, Mary Kay Inc, Pampered Chef, or any other company. None of the listed companies are affiliated with, they are simply examples of companies who's Independant Consolutants can take advantage of our amazing Loyalty Application. Become the Super Star you can be a take advantage of our amazing free account!

Increase engagement by 27%

By using our Loyalty App our clients have increase engagement of their customers by at least 27%! Keeping your customer engaged allows for future revenues to take place easier, and without using pushy sales tatics that can drive away customers.

Increase revenue by 16%+

Keep your customers coming back for more. By Offering them the ability to pick and choose the rewards they want to have, and by visually showing them how they are doing will increase the likely hood of them purchasing more to hit the goal they are working on.



Automate your Facebook posts by using our service! You can post directly to a Page, a Group, or a Group that a Page owns! You can upload images and attach them to your posts as easy as dragging and dropping them! You can even post comments on groups owned by pages!


Send out SMS blasts to one, or multiple phone numbers. Use up to three media files to show off your product, or your pitch to customers. Schedule blats, and automate interactions using keywords, or campaigns, or both. Create reusable templates, and custom tracking links so you know who's clicking your links. Tag customers in groups to make it easy to find those special customers. Running a Raffle? Make it a part of your campaign to automatically provide a ticket to new customers who use your keyword or added to a campaign.

Customized Rewards

Every customer loves a great reward for being your customer. Why not lay out every Reward you want to give them and create a goal based reward system that your users will absolutely love!? You can even send individual cutomers their own special Reward.


Have you ever had a customer with a balance and it slipped your mind? Maybe you gave a customer a credit and completely forgot about it, or thought they already used it? That's all in the past now. Keep track of what you and your customers do with simple and easy tracking.

You can track: Account Balances/Credits, Reward that have been given, and used. Got a special gift for your loyal customers on their birthday? You can keep track if you sent out their special gift too!


Points are virtual currency for your customers. This allows you to create custom and unique rewards for your customers, and assign them points for various things such as winning at a party game, or for making a purchase. We make it super easy to keep track of every point you give customers, and every points used by your customers.


You can add in all of the products you sell to customers to not only keep track of what you sell, but what customers bought.

If you keep stock you can advertise what you have available for purchase and your customers can browse your list any time. If you have a flash sale you can advertise this to a select group of your customers.


Parties allow you to schedule messages automatically. You can schedule for Facebook Group/Page posts, Email Messages, Text Messages, Raffles, Registration forms, and Zoom Meetings! Automate your parties, and take back your time!

Zoom Meetings

By integrating Zoom with Personal Special you have the ability to quickly and easily meet not only with your customers but with team members too. Host online interactive Zoom parties and increase your sales and brand power. Together with Zoom will help build your business and online presence. Don't have a Zoom account? Get one here

Registration Forms

Make a custom URL for your events to give away a Personal Special, or a Raffle ticket when your new customer registers under your account.


Keep track of your expenses. Running a business where you get paid as a 1099, you need a central location to manage your business, this includes expenses and even miles driven to and from. Being able to quickly and easily see how much you have put into your business is an absolute requirement.

Mile Tracker

Keep track of miles you have driven to and from Events, or driving around dropping off product, samples, or to do a party. Whatever you use your car for make sure you keep track of your miles driven. We make it easy, simply write you starting odometer, then your end odometer give it a date, a brief note so you can remember what you were doing, and you are done! IRS Pays 58 cents a mile for 2019, and 57.5 cents per mile for 2020!

Custom Fields

Add custom fields that allow you to track and search for customers quicker and easier. Say you're making a registration form and you want to ask your customers if they wanted to host a party, all you have to do is add the custom field, give it the title you want it to show, and then select it in the registration form and your custom field is active!


Setup a Raffle for your customers. You can raffle off a prize, and let your customers scratch to reveal if they won or not. If you link your square account, you have access to sell tickets for an additional cost for those customers who want to increase their odds of winning.

Polls and Surveys

Want to know what your customers really want? Ask them! Create a custom poll to gain insight as to what your customers really like.

The best way to support your customer is to know if they are happy, and what they are interested in. If you're in a wacky mood, a fun survey will help increase communication between you and your customers. Which may remind them that they wanted to order something.


You can use your existing Square account, if you have one, or you can create a new one. Square is a credit card merchant provider. You can take payments directly from Personal Special. You can also sync your Inventory Items directly to your Personal Special account. Don't have a Square account? Get one here

Mobile Friendly

Manage everything from anywhere! We have a mobile friendly website designed for portability. Perfect for events and parties.

User Friendly

Our goal is to be as easy to use as possible. We hope you enjoy our easy to use App!


Personal Special
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  • Unlimited Raffles
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  • Unlimited Rewards
  • 2 Facebook Posts per Month
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  • 100 Email recipients per Month
  • Custom Registration Forms
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Track Miles Driven
  • Track Yearly Expenses
  • 1 SMS Phone Number
  • SMS credits
  • SMS Autopilot
  • Connect with Square
  • Shopping Carts
  • Pre-Order Manager

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